Thursday, June 28, 2012

Browning Citori Lightning Repaired - Wow That Was As Fast As....Greased Lightning

I sent my Browning Citori Lightning shotgun into Browning, just under two weeks ago, for repairs. I first checked the status on Monday, two days ago, via the website that Browning offers to make such checks. That status check informed me that it was expected the gun would be repaired by July 13 and it was awaiting assignment to a gunsmith due to a backup of repair orders at the plant.

Just for the heck of it and because I have little better to do (well I have better stuff to do but am avoiding doing it right now) I checked on the status again. That was only a moment ago and I got a big surprise. All too often, at least for me, surprises are not good ones but this was a pleasant exception. The status of my shotgun is now shown as "MINOR REPAIRS JOB COMPLETED" and as CHECK OVER & TEST JOB COMPLETED". Wow that was quick.

When I sent the gun in for repair, I had to include a form, that I downloaded from the Browning website, to detail the problem to them. On the form, it said this:
"All firearms sent to the Arnold MO service facility for repair that are determined to be a chargeable repair will be assessed a $30 charge for quote evaluation. If our quote proposal is accepted, that $30 charge will be applied toward the total amount of the quote."

I sent them my credit card number and told them I gladly authorized the $30 charge for them to take a look at the gun but I also told them to make sure to contact me in case it was not a warranty repair so I could decide if I wanted to pay the additional cost of the repair or not. They never got in touch with me and that is another surprise, a good one or not yet to be determined. I guess their not calling me to let me no how much it cost to repair could mean one of a few things:

1. There was no charge at all as they covered it under warranty.

2. There was only a $30 service charge and it has not yet shown up on my credit card account.

3. They charged me something more than $30 for the repair but forgot to check with me to authorize the charge and that has not yet shown up on my card.

Right now, I am going with number 2 even though when I checked, there were no charges on my credit card from Browning. I figure I am not lucky enough to have had them fix this for absolutely nothing, as in for free, so I figure they will charge me the $30. Of course, they might have found nothing wrong and just figured I am an imbecile because I could not get the barrels onto the rest of the gun and then checked it over for free out of pity for me. Somehow, I find that unlikely. Not that I can be an imbecile but unlikely that they found nothing wrong. My son tried to get it together too. He could not do it either and he is no imbecile. Anyway, it does say minor repairs were completed, so I imagine something must have been wrong with it.

The current status of the shotgun is shown as:

Firearm Is Ready To Ship To Customer. I would not think they needed to link that to an explanation of what the sentence means but that is what they did. Then again, maybe they get lots of guns, for repairs, from lots of imbeciles! Anyway, it appears that my shotgun will be shipped back to me soon. My guess would be that the status update tomorrow will show it has shipped.

If I had to sum up my satisfaction with Browning's service so far, I could only say: EXCELLENT.

All the best,
Glenn B

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