Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ammunition Poll - Would You Buy More Ammo If Prices Fell

There has been some talk in the media lately about gasoline prices falling. I use MSN for email and saw on their homepage that they reported that gasoline prices are the lowest they have been since January. That good news with the 4th of July (Independence Day - no they did not call it that but I prefer it) right around the corner. It makes me wonder why the speculators are not speculating and why George W. Bush is not causing price increases. Note that Obama is not taking credit, how can he, he has done nothing to make them decline and furthermore he has insisted we drill now more than ever and it has not helped. Catch 22 for him - can you say "Good riddance Obamessiah" but I digress.

As I was saying MSN reports that gasoline prices are falling. They also posted a pole asking folks if they would travel more if gas prices fall even farther. The results, when I looked at them were like this"

Do you plan to drive more if gas costs less?

20 %

Yes, it will make a difference in my driving.
36,741 votes

77 %

No, my driving habits will stay the same.
141,699 votes

3 %

I'm not sure.
5,199 votes

A few minutes before I saw that poll, I had been window shopping online for .32 Auto ammo. I was setting up, getting ready for a range trip today (that did not materialize, but now I am ready to go another day) and I realized I was pretty low on that caliber. I figure maybe I have 300 - 400 rounds of it, so why not see if I could find a bargain. I did find some good bargains but decided to wait until my pension gets straightened out or until I sell some other excess ammo I have so I can use the money from that for the .32 Auto. I am trying to be frugal and praying that ammo prices do not go up because the price is a bit ridiculous for some of it. I am ever hopeful though, that if gas prices really do fall, and I don't mean to the national average of $3.40 per gallon that MSN claims regular to be at right now (not that low around here) but to pre-Obama prices, then ammo prices also will fall markedly. I sure seem to remember the ammo manufacturers and retailers blaming ammo price increases on increased costs to them due to higher shipping of everything from components to finished product. Of course the higher shipping rates were blamed totally on higher gasoline prices.

Who knows, maybe ammunition prices will drop just a little even now since gasoline prices are dropping. I tend to doubt that though with this being a presidential election year. If it starts to look like the messiah will win another term, I would bet the farm that ammo prices will skyrocket faster that the Bat-a-rang thrown by Batman on steroids.

Okay, okay, back to my point but I guess I was never there already! Here it is: I figured should add a poll to my blog, similar to the poll MSN had about gasoline prices and whether or not lower prices would get folks to drive more. My poll though will have to do with  ammo and shooting. It is at the top right side of my blog page. It's only going to run through Independence Day, I'll be out having a blast on the 4th.

All the best,
Glenn B

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