Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Have Said It Before - I Will Say It Again - Buy Guns, Ammo and Emergency Supplies Now

I think prices of guns, ammo and emergency supplies are going to skyrocket soon because I think that demand will soon outpace supply.

The Supreme Court's ruling on mandated health care, commonly called Obamacare, is bound to be a boost to Obama's reelection attempt. Sure, it may help Romney too but I look at it this way, Obama was proven right and thus many folks will think that makes him okay to get their votes. Thus, I think the election will be very, very close - much closer than if the health care law had been found unconstitutional. (A quick side note on that, why did they not attack it as a violation of the Due Process clause is beyond me. Being required to vote on it before they could read it, to see what was in it, certainly seems like a violation of Due Process. Being required to pay into it and be burdened by this law makes it seem as if the Due process due to the citizenry has been grossly violated by Congress and the president. Imagine the police, arresting you, charging, bringing you to prosecution and throwing you in jail for life and only then collecting investigating the case to see if there was any evidence against you.)

Because I believe the election will be so close, because I think there is a darned good chance of this tyrant, this despot, this socialist, this anti-American president being reelected, I will be making sure to build up my stocks of everything and anything that I believe will wind up being in short supply if he is reelected. Those things could include: firearms, ammunition, food stocks, seeds, water, flashlights, batteries, water purification kits, medical supplies such as first aid kits and medicines, clothing, fungible assets and whatever else I can think of before they are no longer available. Is this Chicken Little saying "The sky is falling" maybe and maybe not. You decide and act accordingly for yourself.
As I said in my last post, prior to this one, The time is right for revolution. I am not condoning it but I figure if he is reelected it is coming and sooner than expected; the time certainly seems right for one to be stirred up. Along that line, I might suggest you start up some way to network with others of like mind to you and with your families other than by electronic means such as email or telephone. In other words, start meeting with folks who think like you on the issues, meeting them in person, to plan for your futures. If the SHTF, then communications may be cut off and the only way to stay in touch will be in person.

If none of this materializes, then at least you are well stocked for almost any type of man-made or natural disaster. You can bet, others who have faced those situation wished, after the fact, that they had been better prepared before the fact.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Being prepared never hurt anyone...just sayin'!