Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Look At The Candidates - On The Issues

If you want to take a look at those running for office, or should I say take a look at how they think about and vote on the actual issues, well go no further than: On The Issues

For example: I wanted tot ake a look at the candidate for whom I will most likely wind up casting my vote in the Presidential elections (yes I know the primaries are not over yet, but I am a realist), so I went to said site and took a look at what they have on John McCain.

The site is rather impressive, and I can only hope what they report is accurate. I do not like McCain on Gun Control, but what they show is far better I think than what Gun Owners of America has to say about McCain and his voting record on the RKBA issue. I see that in great part, I am in agreement with McCain on the abortion issue. I could think of a couple of other exceptions that would allow abortions, but I am pretty much with him on how he views the issue. I'll have to do some more in depth reading of how he sees the issues, and how he votes on them, and I will comment more on this as I do so.

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Glenn B

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Jungle Mom said...

I think he is better than the alternatives...that is something... right????