Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Clouds Hung Low...

...and followed me, and I got my second moving violation ticket of my life today - for something, and I am none to sure I did wrong. The first ticket I had gotten, was about 26 years ago. I always try to drive safely, courtesy, and within the law. That earlier ticket was dismissed. Hopefully this one will also be dismissed, but time will tell. I still for the life of me cannot figure out how the officer thinks I crossed 5 lanes without signaling when there were only 3 lanes. I was coming around a u-turn lane, had my directional on to enter the roadway to the right, but the darned thing clicked off as I went around the long curve. By the time I came around into the entrance ramp the officer was slamming on his brakes in front of me, and I had to make a move around him. I was not indanger of hittingnhim because I remained at a good distance, but that was one bad move by him. He had no reason to have done that except for wanting me to pass him since there was no traffic in the lanes we were both entering (he was in front of me on the u-turn then the ramp). He puts on his lights just ebfore I pass him, and I thought he was getting a call and immediately gave him wide berth and I moved away from next to him across toward the right lane to play it safe. He immediately lets me pass and then gets right on my rear end and pulls me over. Once stopped he says I crossed 5 traffic lanes without a signal; but it was a three lane road. I thought I was doing the right thing getting out of his way quickly and I guess I was a bit startled by his slam braking move, and his lights coming on, so I forgot to signal that I was changing lanes to move out of his way. I thought I was doing the right thing - getting out of his way immediately - because at first I had no clue he wanted me. Oh well, he found fault even with that. Nice guy. Then when I took pictures of the roadway showing only 3 lanes, another officer who showed up decided to get nasty and started to tell me in wise arse tones "Sir don't you know you can only stop here for an emergency" (in an ultra sarcastic tone) this even though officer one had said it was okay to take the picture, and officer 2 had heard him.

What a day at the beach metal detecting a moment almost at the beach, where I was going to go metal detecting. I say moment almost at the beach because that is all it was. Did I forget to mention, I just went home right after that, my day was ruined.

I have no problem getting a ticket, but boy it sure would be nice to see some professional courtesy from the officers. I mentioned that to the officer. The officer then said I should have requested courtesies! I was getting a bit miffed once he said that, how dare he think I was expecting favors. I did not mean (as the officer thought) that I wanted any special consideration. He thought I had meant that and said where is my badge, and I told him he saw it when I took out my license, and that he could not have missed it the way my credential case holds the license and badge. I quickly added what I had really meant though was that I had expected both officers to have been respectful and courteous, and officer 2 was anything but, and officer number 1 was on the border line of being less than respectful. Just not nice at all, not courteous or respectful of the public, and in such a situation an officer should not be anything but respectful and courteous - that was not officer 2. Both were rather gruff and unpolished too. It made for a bad experience for me, their attitudes that is.

Of course getting a ticket was bad enough, so I did not need the rest. Crap, second ticket in 26 years, and heck I have only been pulled over about 2 or 3 other times in all that time in my personal cars (I try to drive with courtesy, and respect for the law, and likewise for other drivers and pedestrians). Upsetting of an otherwise good day indeed. I'll get over it though; and I'll have my day in court soon enough.

All the best,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...

Well I was wondering why you were getting a metal detector, now I know, and I am bummed. I would have loved to read that you *found* something on the beach!

I understand the professional courtesy, and only wonder if the officer is having a really bad day. Maybe wife left him or what not, cause it all sounded really(excuse me) pissy.

Sounds like you will get it dismissed. Good luck

Glenn Bartley said...

I was having a good day until this happened, an especially good day after a crappy one yesterday. Now my mood has ben ruined for the weekend, since today was my free day and tomorrow I have to do work around the house. I can understand a guy like the officer having a bad day, but I am an LEO too, and I try my darndest to present that respectful and courteous face to those with whom I deal, even those I arrest unless they get hinky. If they require otherwise I can give it to them if need nbe, but usually the professional and courteous demeanor is all I need to get things done okay, even with real bad guys. It is a shame that this guy actually set me up to say he saw me cross 5 lanes without signaling, that is how I feel anyhow, the way he slammed on his brakes. He wa slooking for a sap and got one who tried to get out of his way.

Oh well. Enough venting.

All the best,