Saturday, February 9, 2008

Full Auto Gun Video - What a Show

Dennis, a friend of mine, just sent a video link to me; the video shows the annual Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, which is held at the Knob Creek Gun Range in Westpoint, KY. If you enjoy shooting, or are interested in it at all, take a look at this video. Oh all those evil gun owners, and criminal gun enthusiasts, with all those nasty and evil really neat assault weapons automatic firearms make me wonder why we are not all dead since gun people are so evil, and since guns are so dangerous in the hands of anyone except for the government not there already, and when Brendan and I will be going down to Knob Creek to protest gun ownership and support gun control shoot up a storm. Well if not a storm, at least a little dust devil since $80 for 100 rounds is pretty friggin expensive. I guess though if we start saving, maybe we can make one of these within the next 10-15 years..

Why do I say one of these within the next 10-15 years. Well they said it in the video, they have a 10 to 15 year waiting list to shoot on the front line, and I cannot imagine going to all the way to Knob Creek for their semi-annual machine gun shoot without a chance to have a blast. Can you imagine that, so many bloodthirsty rights starved Americans travel to Knob Creek, KY each year, just to this event, that there is up to a 15 year waiting list to shoot on their main firing line? What is it with these gun toting thugs freedom loving Americans? Hmm - maybe that is just it - they love freedom - and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the most precious of those rights to many of us (and should be the most preciousto all of us) since it assures the longevity of all the others.

Now in all seriousness folks, if the law moral and good firearms owners of America, with all their weapons, were as evil as the gun-control lobbying freaks ultra leftists would have us believe, don't you think that by now those people shown in the video would have wiped out half of America. The thing is,those gun owners, and firearms enthusiasts, love the USA. They are willing to prtoect their country, themselves and their neighbors from the dirtbags (such as murderers, rapists, robbers, terrorists, tyrants and so forth) who would try to deny us our freedoms. They are for the great majority of them - Good Americans enjoying one of their most basic rights.

As to Brendan and I going down to the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, oh well - for now I guess it is just look and dream. Hot damn though, I did like that ending, it sure is tempting.

All the best,
Glenn B


GreatBlueWhale said...

There's always the gun show and the thump in the chest when they touch off a .50 or a 20mm.

Glenn Bartley said...

I guess so, but a 900 mile drive (each way) just to see a big gun show - maybe who can tell.