Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Political Correctness Is Crazy...

...and I am not even talking about the 8th grader who was suspended for hugging another kid - this is closer to home. Today I stopped in Home Depot to buy a razor knife/window scraper. One of the flat ones where when you push it out, the whole blade of a straight edged razor blade is exposed. I needed it to remove the inspection and registration stickers in my car, and they come in handy around the house. I had to ask a HD clerk to open a locker for me to remove this item. Before she would even open the lock, she looked at me straight faced, and said I had to show her photo identification. You don't need to show identification in order to vote because that could be racist, but you need to show it to buy a piece of junk like this!

I asked why I had to show ID, and she said, still straight faced, that she needed to see that I was 18 or older. I asked if she was kidding, she said no, and told me she could not give me the item if I did not comply. I showed her my driver's license with my finger over my personal info. She got to see my picture, then gave me the item. I guess to her all that mattered is that I showed her something that looked like ID.

As for having to show ID in the first place, I am no youngster so I was flabbergasted. Was it she could not tell that I was older than 18 because she thought I was that good looking, or she was that desperate? I don't think so, and when I suggested that to her she just smirked. Was it that the gray in my beard, and the crows feet around my eyes, were not dead giveaways that I was a tad older than 18. Or was it just that the ultra insane uber leftist control freak laws are out and out ridiculous; or maybe it is just Home Depot management acting like a horse's arse and requiring this policy of customers. Hell, I have not even been to a bar where they have carded me in many a year, not a liquor store either, that I can remember, so this was some surprise.

Oh well life goes on, but I can only hope that stuff like this does not spread and instead lessens to the point where it disappears; and that is one of the reasons I voted as I did today. As for the razor knife/window scraper, I was also amazed, it was marked "Made in the USA". At least someone is still doing something right in this country.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

Am I surprised? Nope? But on the brighter side of things...come over to see the winners of the caption contest!

GreyBeard said...

As a comparison, or whatever, I was in Meijer's in Bay City, Mi. , yesterday and noted that in the utility isle, all sorts of nasty looking scrapers, utility knifes, razor knives, etc., were available (plastic wrapped of course).
I didn't buy one, so I guess I don't know if I had to give up my first born son to actually purchase one, but, it looked awfully easy, if one wanted to load up the ol shopping cart?