Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Justice Swift & Decisive - Children Being Shot Averted - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

 You got to hand it to the police this time around. They responded within a couple minutes to a summer camp from which they had received a call about an active shooter and they quickly terminated the threat with extreme prejudice (nothing racial implied although I am sure the sacks of shit at BLM will say otherwise because the shooter was black).

There are other good guys, other than the police that is. One of them took immediate action, of an unknown type at the time I write this, to confront the shooter prior to police arriving. As he confronted the alleged bad guy, other camp staff immediately moved the children to safety behind locked doors. Meanwhile, the alleged shooter reportedly fired at least one shot inside the camp. 

When the cops got there - reportedly within only 2 minutes of receiving a 911 call, they immediately entered, sought out the shooter, found the shooter in the gym reportedly where children were present and engaged & shot him. The alleged shooter wound up dying later at a local hospital. More at the source.

That last fact brought joy to my heart, not so much because the guy was terminated but that the apparent dirtbag will never again be able to try to do what he wanted to do today. All I could think of was this:

This past Monday, there were heroes who did the right thing and saved not only the day but it seems many children's lives as well. If you cannot be joyous about that and if you cannot see why citizens need to take action and why good law enforcement is a necessity, then there is something sadly wrong with you.

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Glenn B

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Stuart said...

Funny how it didn't make the evening news... even in Texas.