Wednesday, June 15, 2022

buy, Buy, BUY AMMO NOW

If you are short on 5.56x45mm ammo, I suggest you had best buy it now because sources have been quoted as saying Winchester has been ordered to stop selling Lake City M855 and SS109 to the civilian market. According to an article I just read, that ammo supposedly makes up about 30% of the 5.56 ammo in the market. Now, while that may be true, I think that figure seems rather high but if the Biden Administration actually put out such an order it will definitely adversely affect ammo supplies. Read about it at the source.

I look at it this way, as long as you don't need to hump it over hill and over dale - you cannot have enough ammo. Makes me think of the old movie Gunga Din with Sam Jaffe in the title roll. At one point, in battle, the troops called out to him: 

 I think they would have fared better had they brought their own full canteens and instead said:

Ammo Gunga Din, Gunga Din bring ammo! 
Anyway, I think we'd each be better off today to consider ourselves our own Gunga Dins of sorts and thus tell ourselves: "Buy Ammo Gunga Din, Gunga Din Buy Ammo"! Why? It maybe is about to be in even shorter supply than it was last year and that will mean one thing besides less supply and that one thing is much higher prices. 
So if you want to be ready for the civil war that I sadly believe is coming - because the leftists seem to be pushing for it (although, I hope I am wrong about that) by way of brainwashing our children, by turning men into women and women into men, by ripping full term babies out of a mother's womb and calling it legal abortion, by not only being easy on criminals but by actually facilitating crime with passage of laws and regulations that amount to doing nothing to prosecute, by creating the worst inflation in over 40 years, by destroying our ability to be energy independent, and by destroying our rights & liberties bit by bit and day by day - get your ammo while the getting is good at least still possible. I surely hope though it will never actually be needed for a civil war against enemies of the Constitution nor to overthrow a tyrannical government but then again the possibility of things like that that is why the Framer's of the Constitution & of the Bill of Rights thought up & wrote in the 2nd Amendment.
All the best,
Glenn B

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Feral Ferret said...

A lot of the ammo that Lake City provides to the civilian market is from lots that fail the LAT (Lot Acceptance Test) for DoD contracts. The company I used to work for had a contract with them to package the ammo for the civilian market. The specs for the DoD are fairly tight, so it didn't have to be but a little bit off on the standard deviation and velocity to fail. Still good ammo for most purposes. Even 10 years ago, the government was trying to limit how much could go to the civilian market.

I spent quite a bit of time at both of their firing ranges testing other ammo that my employer made. I really enjoyed watching them test ammo for the .50 cal sniper rifles, the mini gun, and the Vulcan. Especially night trace for the Vulcan.