Sunday, May 8, 2022

What Is Very Wrong With The Witness' Statement

 Go here and read the article about 3 scumbags alleged criminals (at least one a 14 year old) trying to rob a 60 year old retired police officer. Pay careful attention to the statement by the witness. Oh hell, let me quote it here:
"We got off the bus – that's when we were walking," the woman told CBS. "We noticed these gentlemen were robbing this man, because he was taking his wallet and stuff out his pocket." (source).
What in Hades is wrong with people today??? I don't care if you are a scum slime sucking libtard, a RINO who kisses leftist arse, a staunch right wing wacko conservative or a middle of the road libertarian - if you do not see what is very wrong with that statement then there is something wrong with you.
To call the alleged robbers "gentlemen" and the victim "this man" when talking about an attempted robbery in which the VICTIM of the alleged crime shot one of the alleged criminals (the 14 year old) is not only asinine but is abhorrent and intolerable in my opinion. I do not care that the guy who got shot was 14, that does not make it right nor give anyone a valid reason to describe him or his alleged criminal associates as "gentlemen" and then in the same breath refer to the victim as "this man". If not actually meant to be degrading, to the retired officer, it certainly could be interpreted that way. 
Let's stop coddling evil doers for a change and support the good guys instead.

All the best,
Glenn B

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