Sunday, May 8, 2022

Happy Mothers' Day... all mothers.
I say that even to those of you who brought up the scum who prefer to kill babies in the womb as a form of correcting: whoops I spread my legs because I am a slut and got preggers, or whoops I did not use the pill or other form of woman's birth control, or whoops I forgot to make sure the arse hat screwing me used a condom. I can see exceptions for rape, incest, protecting the life of the woman, and some other instances but cannot and never will condone killing a fetus/baby for the sake of not being responsible enough to suffer the consequences of getting laid by choice.  
I have to wonder., as a responsible parent, have you thought of telling your abortion supporting offspring that it is not to late for him or her to abort the rest of their own lives? Just asking, not suggesting or condoning suicide or those abortionists killing off one another; although, I imagine it might somehow help show that those who support abortion support it completely by performing it on their own twisted lives. They would never do that though.
Remember, these are the same folks who say abortion is a woman's right to do with her body as she pleases but they are the same ones who fully supported the government mandating vaccinations, vaccination boosters, masks, vax passports and other restrictions on the people of this once great nation - or in other words total government control of our bodies and our lives!
Oh well, I think it truly is ironic that they angrily & vehemently support, in a frenzy of extremism, the one thing that they have not experienced, and probably never will experience, happening to themselves. That is unless of course they decide to abort the rest of their own lives. As I said though, I am neither suggesting they do so nor condoning they do so. Yet somehow, a small part of me feels it a pity that they themselves were not aborted. Oh the irony, admittedly even in my own thinking.

All the best,
Glenn B

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