Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Damn - Another Unavoidable Firearms Auction... coming to us all via the Internet this weekend. Well, at least the allure of its Siren's song is unavoidable for me. I'd break the mast and swim rough seas to get to its shoreline. If interested, check out the Hessney Auction Company's Sportsman Auction. They are offering some nice guns and lots of ammo among other items. Many, if not most lots, already have bids placing them putting them out of my financial reach but there are some I'll still bid on. 
There is one on which, if it is in good condition, I will likely overbid. I want it for my collection. Hopefully few others if any will want it and try to outbid me. While it's not that I mistrust any of my readers, I am not telling you which one is that lot. Truth is, I trust you all enough to realize someone else of you would want it too.

All the best,
Glenn B

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