Monday, July 27, 2020

You May Be Wondering Why The Flag Is Upside Down In My Blog Header

If you are wondering why the flag of the United States of America is shown being flown upside down in my blog header it is because I believe it to be appropriate considering the state of our nation at the current time as I write. 

An insurgency has erupted that is 100% anti-American and politicians, law enforcement, entertainers, sports figures and many of the common man have dropped to their knees in honor of the violent criminal insurgents - mostly ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, socialists & commie types but there are others. There has been looting, rioting, destruction of property, arson, serious beatings, killings all while politicians and law enforcement do little to nothing to stop it - some, as I have said, have taken a knee to side with the rebels. This is nothing short of an armed rebellion and it needs to be ended - now.

Thus, I will fly it that way until our president takes appropriate action to put down the rebellion and prosecute the criminals & insurgents who are trying to bring the United States of America to her knees. It has gone so far as for me to believe he must send in armed troops to squash the insurgency and that he must do so forthwith. I cannot and will not vote for our president's reelection while he merely tweets and/or sends in too small a number of federal LE as our country is being destroyed. He needs to man-up and do it now to save out nation!

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

every bit of this "insurgent" behavior is in liberal strongholds where the people voted them in for the last 30 plus years. the rest is the media complex ie: networks, sports etc. its thin air, no ground taken. i say let them have what they voted for, or get themselves out of the situation they put themselves in. not our circus, not our monkey. trump is smart not to move. legally its thin ice and the dems will try impeachment again immediately. they been squawking like hens since he sent in the feds, like they squawked for him to do in the first place. sets a bad precedent anyway. supposed one day its your son protesting for 2a rights. should the feds rush in for every little local matter. no, we've got to get away from crying to uncle sam to solve our problems and man up.

Glenn B said...

You say suppose it was my son protesting to preserve his 2nd amendment right. My son has been to such protests in Albany, NY. Guess what: He obeyed the law, he peacefully assembled with others and demonstrated likewise, he did not destroy or vandalize property in any manner, he did not leave trash behind except in trash cans, he did not commit arson, he did not assault anyone, he did not injure anyone, he did not kill anyone nor did he attempt to do any of that. You want to compare my son to these anti-American, anti-Constitution, extremely lawless and violent pieces of shit! Even in a hypothetical scenario - there is no comparison.

Glenn B said...

riverrider has left a new comment on your post "You May Be Wondering Why The Flag Is Upside Down I...":

i never insinuated such behavior from your son sir. i was merely pointing out the law of unintended consequences. if the prez moves on this he sets a precedent that can be used by future prez to clamp down on any protest they see fit, peaceful or otherwise. and thay leads to more loss of state sovereignty as well. look how obama expanded the use of executive orders. every time we give up power to authority we lose rights along with it and never to be regained, until there's no freedom left. we abdicate our responsibility at our peril. and its exactly what they want..... look at it another way. largest estimate of rioters in portland is 2000, in a city of 625,000 souls. in a ten block area, hardly a national problem, but they want to make it one. federal intervention gives them the stage. if portland wanted to stop it they could at any given time. so let them stew in their own soup.