Monday, July 27, 2020

Children Urged To Say "Fuck The Police"

This is the USA today!

This is an outrage and if you think it is not an outrage - you are part of the problem.

Edited to add: You know, I was in LE for 32 plus years. I never had one official complaint against me for unjustified use of violence or violation of anyone's rights in any way. I saw some such violations and I reported them and was ostracized badly for one such report I made about an NYPD officer unnecessarily and gleefully hitting a prisoner. For the most part though and I do mean for the great majority of officers, those in LE with whom I worked was dedicated to the job and they did it the right and justified way without violating anyone's rights. 

Yet, as I pointed out, when I see someone in LE do bad, I call them out for it. I despise bad cops who break the law to enforce the law and who violate people's rights. The thing is though, I call out the particular officer who did something that violated someone's rights - I do not call out the entire law enforcement community within a city, county, state or within the nation when it was one person or a small group of people who were responsible. 

It is about frigging time that the leftists in this country stop over reacting to everything as if they are all a bunch of piss pants spoiled brats who hate mommy & daddy because they were told there would be no desert tonight if they did not obey what mommy and daddy just told them to do. It is a sad commentary on these leftists but it essentially boils down to a truth that simple. Of course, it is also that they are for the great part wanna-be communists.

All the best,
Glenn B

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