Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Strange Oddities You Find While Afield

My son went out snake hunting on a friend's property yesterday. It was a nice day for it but I suspect too soon to hunt for snakes other than maybe Garter Snakes that come out early in the season.



He did not find any snakes but he found some bones I am guessing are a deer pelvis:


He also found a blue tailed skink that I believe is a Common 5 Lined Skink, Plestiodon fasciatus:


He also found something else. The something else beats anything I have ever found while out and about herping, hunting, hiking, or whatever:




Too bad it was not in better shape but the land gets flooded now and again when the Arkansas River rises and the gun sure looks like it was under water for awhile. At least the grips seem in good shape, what a testament to Pachmayr grips. He put the gun into a bath of white vinegar to clean it up some. 

 He can see some spent casings in the cylinder. Told him to be careful in the event any live rounds are in it; I doubt they would still be good but why chance an accident.

I am guessing that is a Dan Wesson revolver;
from what I can make of it, it looks like the Dan Wesson 715 that can be seen on their website. If that is correct then it was in the mud or under water for quite the while since the 715 is stainless steel.
Then again, I just found out there was a Dan Wesson 15-2 that was a blued version; it's probably that one or a very similar model.Whichever, somebody lost or threw away a nice gun! 

The strangest find I ever made while afield was a rock someone probably used as a shotgun or rifle target. I must admit, I never found anything even close to as cool as a .357 Magnum revolver. Leave it to my son to best my find and for it to be gun related at that!

All the best,
Glenn B


"Zack" said...

Rust and politicians ruin many fine old guns.

B said...

Probably a crime gun that got tossed. Shoulda called the PO-Po.

It ain't like the gun is gonna be shootable anyway.

Glenn B said...

I highly doubt it would have any real forensic value but I will pass that suggestion along.

Pigpen51 said...

Too bad it wasn't one of the guns that have a lifetime guarantee on them. Like the Hipoint or Taurus used to do. Send it to them, get a new gun back in return. Seems like a good deal, if only.