Sunday, March 1, 2020

Here's Johnny - But This Time... was a sheriff's deputy on the inside of the door and she let loose with a barrage of bullets striking but not killing the bad guy who broke into her home through the front door with an axe. The guy did this in daylight hours at 530 PM! The officer shot him, then struggled with him, then got him handcuffed. Too bad her shots were not more effective. More at the source.

Now, as for the movie clip, I have to say that was one of the best scenes of any horror movie ever. The fear shown on the woman's part looked genuine and Jack Nicholson played his part excellently. I can only imagine, that while the sheriff's deputy likely was also afraid, she was at least better armed and better prepared to deal with the essentially same situation. She also was a mama bear protecting her cubs, her two kids were in the house with her. You just don't screw with mama bears with cubs!

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Glenn B

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