Saturday, February 22, 2020

Target Sports USA Asked Me For A Rating...

...after I ordered some 380 Auto ammo from them tonight. This was the narrative of my rating:

"Let me put it this way, if by some chance of astronomically unbelievable proportions - from another dimension that is One Step Beyond, The Outer Limits, of The Twilight Zone - it looks like a demoncrat will be elected on election day in November 2020 (as our president), I will place a multi thousand dollar order with Target Sports USA for various calibers of ammo because: they have excellent prices, I am a member of TSUSA Prime, shipping will be free, and they have an outstanding inventory with speedy shipping and they are reliable with regard to all of those aspects of an absolutely excellent ammo dealer.

Besides that, even though I live in TX now, when I lived in NY: they would ship directly to the buyer when NY realized the requirement of the NY SAFE Act to ship only through FFL dealers or through NY State registered ammo dealers was not legal nor workable under the law; yet, many other ammo dealers told New Yorkers "screw you" and refused to ship to us even through an FFL as the SAFE Act had required beforehand! Thank you Target Sports USA for standing by we gun owners in NY who needed ammo from a reputable and loyal dealer!"

I think folks will be able to tell, I like them - a lot! As for my promise to place a multi-thousand dollar order with them if it looks like a demoncrat will take the White House - you can bet on it safely. Screw those commies and socialists, screw that extreme wanna-be fascist tyrant Bloomberg and screw the gun grabbing skags among them (and that means everyone of them).

All the best,
Glenn B

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