Sunday, February 23, 2020

So The Lib Justice Has To Work A Bit More...

...and apparently all she can do is dissent and bitch & moan about it.

Wat I am referring to is Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor's dissent in the Supreme Court decision that at least temporarily upheld the Trump Administration's expanding the range of what is considered a "public charge" for immigration purposes. She is complaining that the current administration is seeking stays from the highest court in a larger number of cases than ever by calling them emergencies. She is also complaining about what she perceives as the bias of justices who have an opposing view to her's. Funny she never stood up for those on the right when those on the left had the majority under Obama but now she moans and groans and dissents with gusto. Typical! More at the source.

I must say, the flood of illegal aliens entering the USA and sucking us dry seems like an emergency to me. She is evidently faulting the administration for in  effect is more work for her. Maybe instead of faulting the administration she should fault sanctuary cities and states that encourage foreigners to break the law and enter the U.S. illegally and who then offer them public assistance at the expense of the taxpayer. She might also consider faulting the lower courts that upheld the actions of sanctuary cities and states in as much as those actions were detrimental to our great nation and its citizens. Of course though - as she essentially seems to see it - it's all Trump's fault.

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Unknown said...

Chief Justice John Roberts; tell us one more time, so we'll understand, they ain't no monkey-ass muzzie judges.