Tuesday, February 4, 2020

If Rush Limbaugh Has The Time...

...and the energy considering his current health crisis, or should his legal team have the time, I hope they can look into this. The this I am talking about is what came up in my auto spell checker while I was keying in a text message to a friend of mine and mentioned Rush by his name but inadvertently failed to separate his first from his last name. Instead of showing the proper correction with his names split - my phone's spell checker showed the word : "Dishonesty". 

My guess, and mind you this is only my guess, is that whoever is responsible for programming the spell checker is a Rush Limbaugh & truth hating ultra-liberal piece of garbage!

My phone company will be hearing from me and if I can find a way to send an email to Rush Limbaugh or his representatives I will be doing so (edited to add: email sent via his website). I figure they can sue for defamation of character or whatever and the money be used by Rush to pay his medical bills or to donate to charity.

By the way, my phone company is T-Mobil, the phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active that is several years old and my old phone company was ATT using the same phone. I am not saying any of them is responsible, I gave that info just in case any of you want to check your own phones to see if it comes up likewise.

All the best,
Glenn B

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