Sunday, October 20, 2019

Waiting On Some New Boomers

I don't know, I thought I wasn't an addict but maybe I am one - I mean some people think I'm a gun junky. Here I am living in the freer state of TX after relocating from that liberal scum-bucket of NY, and trying to do it on half of my pension - and I still keep buying more guns! Of course, it's not that being buying guns and being involved in shooting and collecting as a hobby is a bad thing - it is that I need to balance my finances by maybe selling off some other ones to assure I don't go broke.

I had the high bids on three guns at last week's Hessney Rod & Gun Auction. Not sure if I got any good deals yet and won't be until I see the actual guns in my hands and get a chance to give them a good inspection. I am hopeful though that I did well.

They are:
Ruger Old Model Single Six, as new in the original box.

Marlin 55G 12 gauge.

Romanian M69 22 Training Rifle

An Argentine Sistema Colt 1911A1, aka: Model 1927, from a private sale.

I am an addict, I am hooked

The force runs deep within me.

I like guns. Yeah, that's the ticket!

All the best,
Glenn B


skybill said...

Hi BOOMER!!!!!,
Keep up the good work Buddy!!!!, .. I am with you!! Just remember.....

PS I don't hold that sayin' loosely!! Even though the liberal establishment is very vocal ...etc... "GOD, GUNS and GUTS" are still still very much a part of this Country!!!
The times of "Stan Lynde's 'Rick O'Shay and Hipshot Percussion" are still alive and well in the "Heart" of America!!
Got GUNZ......OUTLAW!!!,
skybill.... aka ..."straightshooter"...out

PS and who can forget Hipshot's Cat... "Belle Starr!!!!!"

taminator013 said...

I bought one of those Romanian trainers back sometime in the late nineties for $59.95. Made the young guy behind the counter keep bringing them out of the back room until I found a nice one. Most were pretty beat up. I never got around to firing it. Sold it to a buddy who wanted an open sighted .22 for his kids to learn shooting for $60. After the kids got older he sold it back to me for the same price. He told me that it was a bit iffy feeding sometimes, which is said to be typical for that model. I picked up an after market magazine for it a couple years ago which is supposed to improve feeding. Beats me if it works. I've still never gotten around to shooting it. Hard to believe that those rifles are selling for $200 or more on Gunbroker now.......