Sunday, October 20, 2019

So When The Wicked Witch of Little Rock Accused...

...President Donald Trump of having colluded with the Russians - in order to defeat her in the last presidential election - it seemed every libturd on the planet evidently believed it or at least went along with the program.They cried foul and called for Trump's head on a platter. That persisted even after the findings of the Mueller witch-hunt. Well at least for a while - now they have new bizarre claims against our president.

It appeared to me thought as if just about every time someone came up with more evidence pointing to Hillary Clinton as being a criminal - either in Uranium-1, or for trying to oust Sanders from the primaries, or for her email scandal, or for helping to conspire against President Trump relative to fake claims of Russian collusion (the term should actually have been called conspiracy but the dems don't care to ever get anything right) or for whatever else - Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Dems, came up with more excuses as to why she lost the election and as to how President Trump was in cahoots with the Russians.

The thing is, she reportedly just in essence called one of the current democrats running for that party's nomination - presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard - a traitor who is in bed with the Russians! More at the source. Who in Hades is Hillary kidding! Even others in her own party are calling her out on this latest Russian conspiracy claim. Is she out of her mind? (That's a totally rhetorical question because in my mind I believe she most definitely is mentally ill.)

What amazes me though, is some if not most of the libturds who thought that President Trump colluded with the Russians probably still would believe Hillary if and when she was to make further claims against President Trump in that regard. Worse than that, some few actually may believe her preposterous claims about Gabbard. Worst of all - if Clinton were to run for the presidency she somehow might yet win her party's nomination although I find it almost impossible (note I said almost).

Now mind you, I am a very cynical type. I have to wonder if the dems have decided that Gabbard might be their candidate and that - by having Hillary slam her - she will get not only what votes she could garner on her own but a good amount of sympathy votes from dems, independents, RINOs and Never-Trumpers to push her over the top. Think that is far fetched - well then you have not been paying attention to how things in the world of politics have been going with the demoncrats for the last several years.

We truly lice in a bizarre country politically.

All the best,
Glenn B

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mitchrodee said...

Gabbard is a DINO. Read up on her family and her upbringing, as well as her voting record. Anyway, she’s been labeled an Russian asset, not a Russian spy or a willing colluder.