Thursday, October 31, 2019

There Are Nice People Out There After All

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Glenn B


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pigpen51 said...

It is great that this decent young man was kind enough to take time out of his lunch break to spend just a few minutes sharing his Jeep with this 12 year old boy who loves Jeeps. And while it might seem that the mother had reason to be concerned for just letting her son hop in and leave with a stranger, in truth, I like to think that people are more kind and decent than the other way around, and that she was perfectly right in trusting Matthew take her son for a ride.
While there are of course bad people in the world, as there have always been, even when I was young, being born in 1960, we want to be able to trust each other. And especially for this mother, who of course has to know that if her son didn't get to see a Jeep, he might have had a breakdown, and as she implied, while it would be hard for her, it would have been even more hard on her son. So this was especially cool for things to work out the way that they did. And Cabella's should be commended for hiring such dedicated and kind workers. I have always had good experiences with the various stores of their's that I have been in as well.
Thanks for posting this, it does make ones day.