Sunday, October 27, 2019

Silence Is Not Only Deafening - It Makes You Ignorant

I was just watching the morning news. There is truly great news, absolutely excellent news, relative to the world of terrorism. I think we should all be aware of it if we have watched the news today but then again after watching a few different news shows this morning I have changed that thought to maybe we are not all aware. 
I heard the news while watching the Fox News channel. Then, I decided to take a look to see what they were saying on other channels about this truly historic and excellent news. There was nothing, nada, zero, nil, zip on: CNN, CNN HLN, and MSNBC as I went back and forth through the channels over the course of 15 to 20 minutes to see if they would mention it on any of these ultra-leftist news stations. 
I was kind of amazed because it really is big news; so, what were these other news stations talking about: the impeachment of President Trump, the impeachment of President Trump, and (you got it) the impeachment of President Trump. After a half hour, on the half hour (or close to it) MSNBC mentioned it right before a commercial break, then mentioned more about the impeachment of President Trump (as if that as the really big news of the day) and then went to commerical. CNN just kept talking about anything but the news to which I refer. CNN HLN wound up dedicating a brief mention of it by a newscaster who had a face on looking to me as if she was suffering from constipation then went to a news of a shooting in Dallas, TX at what I think was some gangsta type event and then onto news about a carjacking. Really - a carjacking took precedence over them dedicating more time to this truly special news of an event that will affect the world. Why are they not headlining the truly big and excellent news?

Now, I will give it to CNN online, they mentioned it prominently on their website; however, the article they present us with starts off by saying that the Russians do not have evidence of it happening and try to make it seem doubtful that it did happen. Imagine that, CNN depending on the word of the Russians - are they not the same enemy with whom CNN believed President Trump colluded - how ironic and almost unbelievable but but then they are ulra-liberals with what I believe is a commie slant.

MSNBC also has it on their front web page. They present a much less skewed article than did CNN (which amazes me). In fact, much of what they presented was the same as news I got at Fox News. They also had an article describing how President Trump thanked our allies for their assistance with this momentous event. This article also included one of our allies (that some - including myself - thought President Trump had abandoned) saying what a great amount of cooperation went into this operation. Nice to read on MSNBC, who would have thunk they'd report like that.

Have I given you enough clues, if not as to what happened then as to where it happened? So tell me, if you are a hard line lib, and abhor Fox News, and only watched television news today - do you even know what news I am talking about? Of course, maybe you do know, maybe I just missed the reporting on those stations I mentioned other than the tidbits I saw them give, I was going back and forth. Let me just say, it most certainly is not the impeachment of President Trump that is on my mind. Really - if you are an ultra-lib, who as I said if you only watched TV news today, do you know? Or is it that you are you blissfully ignorant to the fact that President Trump arranged for and had our troops carry out a strategically important military operation yesterday? Seriously, on the honor system, answer that without checking the news to see what I mean.
If you do not know, go here to Fox News or if you prefer here to MSNBC.
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