Wednesday, October 9, 2019

President Trump May Have Just Lost My 2020 Vote

Turkey has begun attacking Kurdish forces in northern Syria - much as was expected once president Trump agreed to remove U.S. military units from the area and to drop support of the Kurds. They also allegedly have begun bombing civilian targets. More at the source.

While I agree with President Trump that our forces should not have been in Syria in the first place, we did ally ourselves with the Kurds and they have done a lot toward ending ISIS domination in the region. So, I think President Trump has been extremely ill advised and will suffer greatly in 2020 because of his withdrawal of any military support for our, up until the past couple or few days, allies - the Kurdish forces in Northern Syria. Then again, the only advice I have read about is that he was advised not to abandon them. So, if not bad advice what else? 

He may just have made a huge blunder on his own by withdrawing support of the Kurds. Of course - looking at it from a different perspective - he actually could be trying to throw the 2020 election to one of his rivals. That is the only other explanation I can think of for leaving our allies flat and allowing Turkey (an ally one day and an enemy the next over the years) to essentially attack them unimpeded. Now, it is possible that our Commander In Chief has a surprise ace in his hand; he actually may have just cause for dropping the military support of the Kurds when an attack by Turkey was imminent but if he does he should let it be known ASAP.

I hope so because I  find it hard to believe he wold simply abandon our allies like that when he knew they were faced with an imminent invasion. If it is that he has no logical reason for having abandoned them, I will lament having voted for him regardless of what good he has done while in office. I am not a war monger but I do believe if we ally ourselves with forces who are the enemy of our enemies, we should stand by them as long as they carry out the mission against our enemies. In this case the enemy was ISIS and there are thousands of ISIS forces being held prisoner by the Kurds. 

If president Trump does not hold that ace in his hand - if this is just him deciding this is what he is going to do with no strategic and logical reason to it - then he maybe will have lost my vote come 2020. That does not mean I'll vote for any of the demoncrats (not on my life) but I certainly will look to another candidate worthy of my vote on the right.

All the best,
Glenn B


Beans said...

The Syrian Kurds are a bunch of communist/socialists, and not liked, actually rather hated, like in kill-on-sight hated, by the other Kurds in Iraq and Iran.

They've had chances to carve out and keep their own lands, but every time the pressure gets off of them, they (the western commie Kurds) do go off the rails and start raiding and terrorizing in Turkey.

Let Turkey smash it's face against the commie Kurds' fists. Good riddance to both of them.

Seriously, it would be like the US supporting the IRA. That's the type of people the western commie Kurds are. Which is why the eastern Kurds in Iraq and Iran have no problem killing them.

Plus, seriously, you'd vote for whatever loser or evil commie thug the Dems will eventually anoint as the second coming of Barack over Trump actually following through with a campaign promise?


riverrider said...

actually trump pleaded with Britain and other nato allies that actually have a national interest there to step up to the plate but nobody did, even though most of the isis detainees held in Syria are European citizens. he also warned the kurds in Syria, that are not the same as the ones in Iraq or iran, that we would be leaving soon so they better get their shit together but they didn't bother. he has left them with extensive arms including anti tank and surface to air weapons. these kurds are communist, aligned with Russia for decades, and not even recognized by the kurds that have been helping us in Iraq and elsewhere. i doubted him too, until i got the whole story. besides, its what he promised to do to begin with. the dems/military contractors are just mad about the money they are going to lose, not to mention it derails Hillary's pipeline scam. "we have to get assad out" remember that? that's because he was/is blocking their trillion dollar pipeline deal, one she's already gotten paid to make happen, and the rest of the dems as well. the tangled web goes on ad infinitum but you get the picture. trust trump, he's playing ten dimensional chess while we play checkers.

riverrider said...

crap, it deleted my comment detailing the Syrian withdrawal. suffice it to say, trump knows what he's doing. besides, since when have dems screamed bloody murder over anybody but themselves? unless there was money in it, never. ask yourself, who stands to make millions staying there? follow the money, always. and remember, trump is playing ten dimensional chess. everybody else is playing Chinese checkers.

Glenn B said...

Beans, if you read anywhere that I would vote for a demoncrat - you need glasses or somebody hacked my post. Just saying.

Sarthurk said...

Fifty, five times 10, 50, US troops were removed from the border. The MSM and apparently YOU, Glen, are freaking out about this? the only reason those troops were there was to prevent(the US troops were human shields) Turkey from doing what those idiots have been doing forever. Why do we have to be involved in the traditional behavior of a bunch of inbred child and goat rapers? We have more oil reserves than they have now, and we don't need it. Let 'em do what they've been doing traditionally, and stay out of their dealings.

Glenn B said...


I'd like to know your definition of freaking out. I posted a respectful and thought out blogpost, stating my opinion, that in no way indicated I am freaking out, losing my mind, was a leftist (thank you {sarcasm alert} for that nasty and uncalled for implication saying I was freaking out along with the MSMwhen I was not - FAKE NEWS). Did you actually read the words I actually wrote? I, in sum & substance, said I was highly disappointed that Trump has abandoned our allies, who had done so much to assist in the destruction of ISIS, with foreknowledge that they would be invaded by the Turks (who are in my estimation lowlife anti-American {only kissing our arse when we give them what they want} scum for the most part who often support our enemies and are often supported by Russia). I also said if he does not have a logical, valid reason to have done so,- with his only reason being he was president and decided to do it - then I MAY vote for someone else on the right in 2020. Notice I said MAY not will. I leave it open that I still might vote for him again. I even gave President Trump the benefit of saying, in essence, maybe he had a strategic or logical reason for doing so and if so fine by me. Did you happen to notice any of that in the context in which it was written?

If what I wrote fits your definition of freaking out, all I can say is next time, please read what I wrote and try to understand the context in which it was written. Do that without reading into my words the meaning you want to see instead of what was obviously meant to be seen.

All the best,
Glenn B