Sunday, October 7, 2018

Wisner's Inc.

Placed an order with Wisner’s Inc., by phone on October 1, for a new ejector assembly for a Marlin Model 1936/36. Received the part on October 6. Put it in the Marlin today and it fits like it was machined as an OEM part; although, this one as far as I am aware was machined by Wisner’s. As they put it on their website: "Our machine shop is one of the largest small manufacturer of obsolete reproduction firearm parts."

I just tried out the Marlin 1936/36 with the new ejector installed with some spent casings and it worked first time every time. Of course, I will not discard the original ejector assembly (the one that looks like someone put the lollipop shaped end through a grinder and thus the reason it was replaced) but will keep it safe in the event this new one ever fails. Hopefully, the new one will last a lifetime and that will be a long time.

A hat tip to Wisner's for getting the order right the first time and shipping it promptly.

All the best,
Glenn B

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