Sunday, October 7, 2018

I Was About To Sell These Grips...

...and then I actually looked at the company name on the packaging. Damn, I must have had these SILE rubber grips, for the Ruger MK II, for at least a couple or few years now (maybe several years) and never noticed.

I suppose I am lucky then that something prevented me - Divine Intervention, the Force, the Fates or just my proclivity for procrastination - from opening the package and slapping the grips on my MK II. It's not like they are worth anything but there is nostalgia in that package and no UPC code on it (that is old).

Man, does that name SILE bring back memories of long ago!As I recall they were next to Jon Jovino's gun store when Jovino's was on Centre Market Place (before Jovino's moved to Grand Street), SILE was another gun store. I also seem to recall that they were a lot more personable in SILE than were the all knowing gun gurus in Jovino's. Of course, I could have that backwards; yet, I don't think I do because I have avoided Jovino's like the plague for decades because I thought they were scumbags nasty dirtbags (at least back then, don't know about now).

Anyway, I definitely remember going into another store there about back in the mid to late 80s and maybe into the 90s. I am pretty sure it was Sile Inc. or Sile Distributors. After all, why go to a store like Jovino's with what I thought were its nasty gun gurus when there was SILE - a "purveyor of "Humane Police Equipment""! It was a time when that area in downtown Manhattan was still a bit of a gun store Mecca; too bad the commies, socialists and other leftist libturds put an end to it.

I may never sell these grips now; I may have to put them into a shadow box and hang them on the wall. Yeah - right, I'll get that done just about as fast as I got around to putting them on my Ruger Mark II; after all - I am The Great Procrastinator.

All the best,
Glenn B

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