Friday, August 24, 2018

Some Like It Hot But Some Like It Cold

Some like Cameron Wright, a hospital security guard, seemingly like it cold. That is cold as in stone cold dead when it comes to sex. He reportedly was arrested and charged with abuse of  corpse after allegedly having sex with a corpse inside of a storage area in a hospital. At least two witnesses reportedly caught him in the act. That does not make him a bad person - does it? His sister was reported as saying this about him:

“I think he’s still a good person, he just needs help,” she said. “I mean, because anybody that does something like that, there’s got to be something wrong with them."

Yeah, I too think there is something wrong with him, I think if he did that of which he has been accused he is a sick and evil mother fucker. I cannot not imagine what drove him to allegedly drive it home to a dead woman except for mental illness and/or depravity and I am banking on the latter. More at the source.

I imagine there is no way that the hospital is ever going to make this up to the family of the deceased woman but I certainly hope that the multi-million dollar settlement I imagine the hospital will make with them will at least help a bit. Seeing the alleged corpse abuser wind up with a long prison sentence may help as well but who knows, in today's Bizarro World, if he will serve even a day if he is even convicted.

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Glenn B

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