Friday, August 24, 2018

A Saying My Mother Used - So Appropriate Today

My mom used to tell me some short one sentence sayings of which I did not necessarily understand the meaning at the time. It wasn't that I did not understand them all, it was just one or two the meaning of which evaded me for years. One of the sayings she used quite often was: "Life I cheap". I did not get it when, as I recall, she fist told me that when I was a teenager after watching a news report about some horrendous violent crime committed by worthless thugs - I think the Sharon Tate (et al) murder(s) committed by the 
Manson cult psychos.

She said it again and again and again after seeing or reading news reports about particularly bad violent crimes. For years I had no clue why she was saying it and never asked her to explain. I had always thought life was rather precious - anything but cheap and it befuddled me that she would say it was cheap. Then one day, while watching a news report about some other senselessly terrible and heinous crime of violence - it suddenly dawned on me what she had she meant - life was cheap as far as these lowlife killers were concerned with regard to the lives of their victims.

I guess she was right because you could have read about it, senseless killings where the murderers had little to zero regard for the lives of those they killed, almost every day of every week of every year since she first said it to me. For instance, I read just this morning a news report of three pieces of vile excrement who allegedly killed a pizza delivery man, evidently only for the pizza he was delivering. Is a man's life worth less than a pizza! I guess to these three animals such was the case, they left him dead or to die and went home to eat the pizza. Somehow, as fate had set it, an onlooker reportedly saw the delivery man go to an abandoned house and noted a strange car parked nearby and took down its license number. Another witness reportedly saw the three leave the abandoned house with a rifle and a "pizza bag". It boggles my mind that someone would kill you for a friggin pizza but the suspects reportedly have confessed their crime to the police. More at the source.

Try to be careful out there my friends and go about your daily business while being able to defend yourselves.

All the best,
Glenn B


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