Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Police Fatally Shoot Man Who Just Shot Home Intruder - No Mass Protests Anticipated

Aurora, Colorado police, responding to a 911 call reference to a home invasion, encountered an armed man in the home. At least one of the officers shot and killed him; the victim was a Vietnam vet. The officer is on paid administrative leave because the victim seemingly was also either a resident or the homeowner himself. More at the source

There is almost zero doubt, in my mind, that the officer will be found to have been justified to shoot the man. Now, I am not saying I will agree if such a finding is made - I am just saying that is what I believe will happen because of certain aspects of this case such as: an armed homeowner (egad can you imagine how that makes leftists' skin crawl), the man was not a minority and therefor there will be little public and politically motivated pressure for the conviction of the officer, the "chaos" at the scene when police arrived (they are supposed to control chaos not cause more but shit happens), that the officer heard a shot just as he arrived - apparently the one by which the homeowner/resident dispatched (as in shot & killed) the REAL bad guy. The officer may or may not have been justified. I am eagerly awaiting the statements from the other residents in the home who were present during the altercation.

This was a tragedy and not knowing the facts, I cannot lay any blame on the officer nor on the homeowner. There is a lesson to be learned from this though - if you call 191 and you give a description of the bad guy - make sure you also give a description of the god guy(s) and that they understand the difference between both. It may or may not have prevented this tragic shooting and death.

On another note: I also believe that there will not be any marches by black or white activists or by black or white lives matters types nor even by all lives matters types if only because the victim was white. If he had been another particular race, I think you could safely bet there would have been allegations of racism against the police; calls for the officer to be arrested, tried and convicted; protest marches and maybe even violent rioting. I base that surmise on past events just like this one but wherein the victim was not white.

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