Thursday, August 2, 2018

Happy Hunting I Will Go

For the first time in several, maybe even many, years - I have applied for and been selected for a Deer Management Permit in my preferred public land hunting area. That put a big grin on my face and I gave a hearty out loud "YEAH" of satisfaction; I literally almost jumped out of my seat. I also applied for and received a second DMP in another area several miles north of there (that was my 2nd choice, a back up in case I did not get my first choice). Now while neither of those DMPs (aka: antlerless deer permits) guarantees I will get a deer but my chances of scoring one should increase if I do everything else right.

I've already been up there scouting out the area. I found a good deal of deer droppings where I expected to find deer sign I am guessing that later this month the bucks will start to make rubs to rid themselves of the velvet on their antlers. Those rubs will be another very helpful sign when hunting and of course by the time of the rut there should be scrapes in evidence too. I am hoping to go on several more scouting trips before the crossbow and regular deer seasons begin. I will likely get in some bear hunting during the early bear season and some small game hunting as well. While I hope to make at least overnight tips to the hunting grounds; this year, I have made up my mid that if need be I will make day trips too. As for the regular hunting season, I've already made a motel reservation for five nights, two days before opening day through three days after. I was thinking of maybe renting a small cargo van or RV until I saw the prices of a van far exceeded the cost of a motel stay - so a cheapo motel it will be for me.

This coming weekend, I may drive up there to do some scouting and camp out since it is state land and camping is free (oh my aching back).

All the best,
Glenn B

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