Sunday, May 13, 2018

Whatever Happened To Steve's Pages

Every now and then, when I was in dire need of a firearms manual and could not find one just about anywhere, I would look to Steve's Pages and very often there was exactly what I had been seeking. Should have gone there first I guess. Well, I recently tried to look up a manual or two on Steve's Page 7B. First off I was unable to open any of the files once there. Kept getting some error message indicating that the owner of the site was possibly blocking traffic to it (that turned out to be correct). Secondly, I learned that Steve had passed away. Sadly, we in the firearms community have lost a good man. Damn, based on a copyright notice on the page saying that the info was copyrighted by Chris Hayes in 2015, I am guessing Steve either passed around then or became incapacitated in someway to be unable to run the site and passed later but that is guesswork on my part.

What to do? I contacted Chris Hayes and he sent me a fairly long email about why he site was down. He has that info posted on the main page here. Then he went on to say he might turn it into a members only site. He also said he may start charging an annual membership fee of $10-$20. I could live with that. It seems that some progress may have been made in that now when I try to enter any of the pages, I get a pop up asking for a user name and password, I also get informed that is not secure. I looked around as much as I could on the site but see no way to register for it. I a guessing that is coming soon since the added pop up asking for user info is there now.

I wish Chris Hayes all the luck in the world with getting the site going again, it is an invaluable resource to us all.

All the best,
Glenn B

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