Sunday, May 13, 2018

I've Been A Bit Lax...

...when it comes to firearms maintenance. I cleaned a handful of my handguns this afternoon and realized that three of them had not been cleaned after their last trip to the range with me. Then tonight, or should I say last night into early this morning,  I cleaned another several of them. A few of them also had not been cleaned since their last range trip and I could not remember when I last shot a couple of them. Egads that is terrible. My guess, in my defense, is that I last shot at least a few of them, on the weekends, when I was essentially working full time this winter for three months. While I should have cleaned them right after the range, I must have figured then that I had better things to do with what little time I had on my weekends and neglected them. No excuse is a good one when it comes to not cleaning them after shooting them. Let's face it - a happy gun is a clean gun and I want to keep my guns happy.

I have several more that need cleaning and once I am done with them it will be time to start on the long guns, both rifles and shotguns. That may take me until midweek to complete, if not longer. I am in the groove though when it comes to getting this job done if only because the aroma of hopes has infused my house and I am loving it.

All the best,
Glenn B 

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