Thursday, May 10, 2018

Senator John McCain - Former Hero and Current...

...unmitigated piece of shit in my opinion. As a matter of fact, everything I am about to say in this piece (except for those things with a given source) are my opinion.

For several years now I have marveled at how it is that the people of the state of Arizona kept on reelecting this bum. Let's face it, he is a super- RINO among RINOs. He is essentially a supporter of illegal aliens (criminals breaking our immigration laws) and thus supports (directly or indirectly) what essentially amounts to the invasion of our nation by illegal aliens that has been ongoing for decades. Recently he told Joseph Biden that he should not drop out of politics (source) - foul mothed blabber mouth ultra progressive Joe Biden being told to stay in politics by a man claiming to be a Republican! Imagine Joe Biden running for the presidency in our next presidential election and winning - our country, our constitution and our rights would be doomed. McCain reportedly has also recently stated, in his book, that he is sorry he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate over Joseph Lieberman (same source as above). Palin a fairly staunch conservative and what the republican party and the nation need and the other an unapologetic hawkish progressive.

Now, I do not care for a moment tat McCain does not want President Trump at his funeral (source). I can understand why he is snubbing him. President Trump is a blabbermouth himself and never should have said what he said about John McCain being less of a hero because of having been a prisoner of war. What Trump said was not only disgraceful but was offensive to all of our military who have suffered, especially those who were POWs. That is not the issue though today. What is the issue is that McCain is a RINO - he seemingly does not espouse any of the conservative ideals that once were the pillars of the Republican party and he has supported criminals invading our great nation by way of illegal border crossings, in my understanding. He is also off the wall when it comes to vindictive retaliation as I see it.

For example, John McCain seemingly colluded (is that the right word to describe it or would conspiring be better) with former agents of a foreign government:

"Christopher Steele instructed Sir Andrew Wood – a former British ambassador to Russia – to approach McCain about the existence of the dossier while Wood and McCain were both attending a security conference in Canada.

McCain later received hard copies of the dossier from Fusion GPS, and relayed a copy to the FBI, Fox News reported."

He says he would do it again too even though he has admitted that he had no clue as to whether or not any of the allegations in the Steele dossier were true before he gave them to James Comey, then director of the FBI. More at the source. To me it sounds merely like he was seeking revenge on Trump and thus was the perfect patsy onto which our enemies could unload that seemingly bogus and unsubstantiated dossier. 

So, in essence, what he did was passed along unsubstantiated 
allegations that he apparently got via colluding (is that the right word to describe it or would conspiring be better) to try to bring down Donald Trump. I think that besides being a RINO and a progressive one at that, the man is a vindictive piece of shit who would stoop to noting to bring down someone he dislikes.

So, what is at issue here is that Americans need to wake up, at least those who are not committed to any political party and those who are either libertarians or conservatives and not ever again vote in turncoats like John McCain. And note, I do not and would not ever do what Trump did by belittling McCain's was service especially his experience as a POW. I can only honor him for that. The thing is though, I cannot honor him for running as a Republican and then becoming a dyed in the wool turncoat RINO who is supportive of an unmitigated progressive like Joseph Biden remaining in politics nor can I honor him for making such disparaging remarks about a true patriot such as Sarah Palin, nor for how he handled the Steele dossier, nor for his support of illegal aliens.

I suppose now that I have said all of this, I can - as John McCain reportedly put it - go to hell (source). Well Senator McCain, chances are you will be there before me but if I somehow get there before you, I'll reserve a nice hot spot for you. 

All the best,
Glenn B


Grog said...

There's some agreement with your views out there.

pigpen51 said...

I also have no love to lose for McCain. If he was a man of character, he would have resigned from the senate so that another could have been appointed to replace him, and thus be able to do the job on a full time basis. That he is hanging on with the last bit of breath, speaks to his own desire for the limelight to shine on his own countenance for as long as possible.

I appreciate any person who serves in our military and honor them for their service. That doesn't mean that I believe that they are honorable men or women, and I don't think that McCain is an honorable man.

Anonymous said...

McCain is a man without honor. He has betrayed his word and the trust of the people he promised to serve.

Let him return to the dust and be forgotten.