Friday, May 11, 2018

As One Boomer Departs Another Joins My Collection

I just took a pistol off of my license a few days ago because I donated it to a local gun club for a raffle. That was my Taurus PT140 G2 Millennium; the pistol Taurus sent to me to replace my recalled Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro. They gave a convoluted story as to why it would be illegal to send me a pistol in 45 caliber and thus as to why they sent me that piece of unmitigated crap in 40 caliber. I had sent in my PT145 three years ago this coming August. I only got the replacement PT140 in February or March 2016 even though my local dealer received it in January from Taurus (and therein is another story).

When I realized it was a pistol in 40 S&W and not 45 ACP, I was in disbelief. Several letters and or emails and phone calls back and forth to Taurus and I was furious. They gave me every convoluted reason under the sun as to why they replaced a pistol in 45 ACP with one in 40 S&W. and I think the final one was something about the 45 being illegal in NY State because it came with both 10 & 12 round mags; they refused to remove the 12 round mag from the box and just send the 10 round mag!

As it turned out, I put it in the safe and there it has sat except for me to take picture when I tried to sell it. I had decided to sell the PT-140 (I do not like the 40 S&W caliber) and never even consider purchasing another Taurus for as long as I live - screw Taurus. well, the PT140 has sat in he gun safe since I got it -  unfired, as new, in the box withal accessories and papers. I have tried to sell it at least a few if not several times but no one wanted a compact pistol in 40 S&W- especially not a Taurus. When I realized I could not sell it, even for about $50 to $75 less than its retail value, I decided to give it away for the raffle.

Did you notice, I removed the serial numbers - please, no one tell BATFE!
Just in case you don't get sarcasm, I only smudged them off with Photoshop.
Yesterday, I got a new to me pistol in 45 ACP. It's a Glock 21- Gen 4 only slightly used. The seller said only 50 rounds had been fired through it and after looking it over I have no reason to doubt him; it looks pristine. It came with 2 magazines, all other accessories and papers. Add to that: the seller was a fine old gentleman, his aide (the seller was quite elderly and needed some help getting around) very pleasant, and the gun store staff very courteous and very professional, and the deal could not have been smoother.

Even though I had to drive four one way trips of 40 miles each  and an additional 2 mile roundtrip - 40 miles in heavy traffic to meet the seller and have his local dealer do the FFL transaction; 40 miles return to home to drop off the Glock 26 I was wearing; 1 mile to county PD to get a purchase document; 1 mile back home to pick up and strap on my Glock 26 (no, you cannot bring a pistol into my county police department's headquarters); another 40 miles back to the FFL, through super heavy rush hour traffic, to give him the purchase document and go through the NICS check and pick up the pistol (thank goodness there was not a delay on the NICS check); and finally another 40 miles to get home again - I am happy with it so far for the price at which I got it.

As for the Glock 21, I will need to strip it down completely to examine it and give it a cleaning and then head to the range with it either tomorrow or Sunday.

I'll let you know what more I think of it once I shoot it.

All the best,
Glenn B


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taminator013 said...

Wow! What a hassle to buy a handgun in NY. I'm glad, at least for that reason, that I live in PA. You and the seller go to a FFL holder, fill out some paperwork, the FFL calls in for an instant check, you take your gun home. No local or county PD involvement. No license needed unless you want to concealed
or open carry it. If you have a carry permit it is good for any handgun. No need to add it to a license. One size fits all. We are also a shall issue state. Still sucks to need a carry permit, though. Every state should be Constitutional carry. Long guns are even easier. No FFL needed for private transfer. Give the private seller your money, take your gun home. No muss, no fuss. Still sucks to need a carry permit for a handgun, though. Everywhere should be Constitutional carry.........