Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Truly Have Been Honored and...

...have had a smile put on my face all by a few sentences someone wrote about a YouTube video I posted:

"Thank God i saw this, I have seen several reassembly videos and they don't convey the right way to do it. I finally got it together after struggling for a couple of days on and off. Great video and a genuine service for humanity. 10 stars."
That was a comment left relative to my video about reassembling a Ruger Mark II pistol. While I have gotten some other nice comments, for some reason this one really hit home. It put a smile on my face because it helped another firearms enthusiast accomplish a sometimes difficult task (I use my videos when I am disassembling or reassembling my Ruger Mark II) and because he or she was nice enough to honor me by letting me know I had helped in some small way. Yeah, I know, it's a long video but it sure seems to have helped some folks.
All the best,
Glenn B


Phil said...

Good on ya.
I can remember trying to fix the shell ejectors on a Mossberg pump shotgun once and wound up sticking the thing in a box for a year because I got frustrated with it. Something like that would have been just the ticket.

B said...

Never understood why folks have such issues with the Ruger 2 and 3 pistoo reassembly. Just do the steps in order each time. It is no harder than doing a 1911 field strip and reassembly.

But i am gld your video blhelped someone.

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