Monday, February 1, 2016

You Would Think When They Set Up A Nice Shot... this one here, someone would take the time and make the effort to tell the model how to grip the pistol correctly.

If you don't see what's wrong, I would gladly give you a Band-Aid if I have one and am there when you bleed.

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Glenn B

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Will said...

If you expand the photo, you can see that the slide won't touch her right thumb, even though it shouldn't be in that location.

I'm going to make a guess that she has some experience shooting double action revolvers, as the two fingers on trigger is a technique that females have a tendency to gravitate to, as a way to compensate for lack of strength, and helps keep the gun from pulling to one side as they struggle to pull a heavy, long travel trigger.

What is odd is tracking her sight line. She appears to be looking along a plane about the level of the bottom of the slide, or just above her right thumb. I suspect the photographer asked her to tilt her head forward, or more likely to raise her hands to put them above her knee.

What I dislike about the photo is the small spare tire she develops above her pants, from the curled up position. The photo would look better if her blouse was buttoned at the bottom.

The other odd thing is the location of her feet. Neither shoe is on the same plane as her butt, or each other. Photo majic.

She's left-handed, apparently.