Monday, February 1, 2016

Federal Judge In EDNY Reportedly Frees Child Pornographer...

...after only 5 days served for his crimes. And reportedly this seems to be nothing new, the judge reportedly has gone easy of pedophiles/ and or pornographers in the past. See more here:

In my opinion, the judge should be stripped of any authority to remain on the bench; I think he is a disgrace to humanity let alone to the courts and the justice system.

This is what the judge said about why he did not sentence the defendant to longer than his five days:

" "Removing R.V. from his family will not further the interests of justice," Weinstein wrote in the Jan. 21 decision, which was first reported by the New York Law Journal.

"It will cause serious harm to his young children by depriving them of a loving father and role model, and will strip R.V. of the opportunity to heal through continued sustained treatment and the support of his close family." "

Just imagine that the judge said a guy who reportedly sought out kiddie porn, possessed pornography of pre-teen girls, and participated in video chats with female minors was called a role model, for his own children, by a federal judge. Is there a way to call for impeachment of a judge, because if there is a way, it should be called for here.

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