Saturday, December 19, 2015

So My Son Asked Me: "Did You Get Me In Secret Santa"

And it wasn't like he was really asking me, ore like he knew. So, I asked him: You seem to know the answer already, who blabbed". He told me that everyone else who is participating in our SECRET Santa deal this year told who had wound up whom to give gifs. Too say the least, I don't see why we even bother doing it, I thought it was supposed to be a secret. All the fun has drained out of it for me now that he knows I am was to be his Secret Santa. Mind you, he was not fishing either - he knew - and I know he knew because my wife and daughter were blabbing a week or so ago about it and asked me whom I had picked out of the hat. At least I have no clue who will be my Secret Santa, I did not bother staying around to listen to the blabber mouths.

Another thing, that disappoints me, as well as at least my son too, is that everybody (except me) wrote down only one ting they wanted as a Christmas present. The way it is supposed to go is that you write down at least 3 or 4 things you would like to get and based on that list, your Secret Santa gets you one of those gifts or something else along those lines. Of course, if your Secret Santa knows you well, he or she may get something entirely different that they know you would also like but it is best to stick to the list to keep in line with the gist of it. My son thought it pointless that almost everyone, including himself, wrote down one thing (he wants cash for his savings account).

Knowing who is your Secret Santa and virtually all of the participants writing down just one gift idea kind of takes all the fun out of it. Of course, I may put some fun back in to it by not giving exactly what my son wants but something else I know he will like. No way I am not having fun by giving some neat gifts for Christmas especially since gift giving is truly what Christmas is all about. Any Christian who thinks gift giving at Christmas is something that strays from the true meaning o Christmas should think again. Let me tell it to you my way, or better yet, let tell it the way God expressed it:

It was on that first Christmas that Joseph and Mary received the gift of an opportunity to board in the manger and on that day that God The Father gave the gift of His only Son to us as the Savior of mankind. Thus it was that night when the angels heralded the giving of the Gift to the shepherds "For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord" - it was and remains our best gift ever. That gift giving should continue, not just on Christmas, but on any day, is supported by the fact that the wise men (number unknown but often said to be three) bore gifts to the Christ Child after his birth after they themselves had received the gift of a star, a sign in the heavens, to guide them. Right up until the moments before the death of Jesus, God gave gifts as can be witnessed by Christ giving his body and blood to us in the form of communion, and told us to continue to do so. It is a gift giving practice still practiced over two thousand years later by the Christian churches of the world. Yes, if you miss the fact that gift giving is what Christmas is all about, that it is indeed the essence of Christianity, I truly believe that you miss the whole point of it.

Merry Christmas to all, that is my little gift to you.

All the best,
Glenn B

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