Saturday, December 19, 2015

It Finally Feels Like Winter Around Here... it is about 37 degrees right now but the winds are making it feel like 28. I am not opposed to winter although I must admit, I do not like feeling cold although I like going outside when it is cold (such as when I hunt, this year being the warm exception).

Anyway, up in this area is - since you usually go out and hop in the car to go to most places, then get out and go right inside, then back in the car to get out and go right inside your home - you don't usually dress appropriately for the temperature because you don't get a chance to feel it. If you get stuck outside at all, you get colder than you should be getting. I usually have an extra sweater in the car and a hat and gloves in my coat pocket in case I need them. When I go out walking any distance, like in the mornings on my way to the train station to get to work, I get dressed appropriately though try not to overdo it so I don't roast during the walk or once on the train. of course, if I ever get stranded anywhere in the general area, there are bars about every two or three blocks and I can always warm myself up with some fine spirits before continuing my journey.

I won't have to worry about feeling cold all that much after tomorrow though, at least for this week. It looks like spring will be sprung again and we will have an Indian Summer for the rest of the week. On Monday the weatherman promises temps in the 50s again with temperatures rising throughout the week to a high of about 66 on Christmas Eve. Doesn't look like snow for Christmas either, it's supposed to hit 56 that day.

All the best,
Glenn B

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