Sunday, December 6, 2015

I Am No Computer Guru...

...but I am learning as I plod along taking chances with this one while trying to fix it myself. Amazingly, despite all the problems, it passed all the self diagnostic tests. Now, I am doing another system recovery but this one is very different. The others I ran all used files, that HP had placed in a partitioned area on the hard drive, to reinstall the operating system anew. I also had three DVDs to use for the same purpose but did not see how or when I could use them to do the recovery. 

Well, the system just stopped booting at all and shortly after that it gave me the prompt to insert the media to reboot. I did it and it is now doing a system recovery from the first of those three DVDs. First it said it was formatting the drive (am I ever so happy I have a backup of my important documents and most of my photos). Now it says it is copying files. It is taking its sweet arsed time copying files and I imagine that means it is getting it done right this time or in other words that it is doing a complete rewrite of the operating system. I am not about to get too excited about it yet but if and when it has me insert discs 2 and 3 then I will believe I am making real progress. Otherwise, if this does not work, I guess I will be buying a new laptop.

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