Sunday, December 6, 2015

HP Woes

It seems my laptop may be fried. I am running a System Tune-Up, which is not really a tune-up but a series of tests of things like the memory, PCI device, processor and the hard disk. It is going really slowly, slower than I remember during a past test when the hard drive was crapped out. Whatever, the darned thing keeps running slow, failing to update Windows, failing to boot and blue screens keep showing up. Norton said it is virus free. All that despite me running a system recovery and starting all over  five times, maybe six. Last time this happened, my hard disk was the culprit.

This and a previous HP Laptop have been the most problematic computers I have owned and likewise out of all computers I have ever used. To me, it seems HP = Shaite. I think I will go back to Dell after this or maybe some other brand but will not get anpther HP. I am only going to start saving for a new one now so, unless I can figure out and fix the problem soon,  I am going to be using my phone for all my Internet stuff for quite the time to come.

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