Sunday, May 26, 2013

Why Do Idiots Try Get Through Airport Security While Armed

I just do not understand how it is that during the past week, the TSA reportedly seized 54 handguns that people tried to get through airport security on their persons or in carry-on luggage. I don't mean that I do not understand how TSA found them. Even morons can find guns at airport security; Heaven only knows how many get by them though. What I do not understand is what would compel someone to try to bring a gun onto an aircraft with the laws as they are (mind you, not that I agree with those laws) and with as much security as is in place. I can understand someone maybe forgetting that he or she had a gun in a carry on bag that maybe had been used to legally transport the gun at a previous time. I cannot fathom though how someone could have that gun on his or her person and forget about it. Yeah, maybe if someone had pistol in a holster that was strapped to his wooden prosthetic leg, he could forget it was there, if not paying attention, when putting on the leg that day but otherwise I just don't get it. See:

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