Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Don't Know Which Was Better For My Psyche...

...watching my Bearded Dragons wolf down a couple of large Blaptica dubia roaches or weeding and planting out in my garden for an hour or so.

I planted some lilies, and potted some tomatoes and put tomato cages around some others that I planted last week. The tomatoes that I potted today, along with a few pepper plants and some potted flowers, will be a house warming gift (along with some good wine) for my daughter and future-son-law later today. She who must be tolerated adored and I are going to visit them for a BBQ.

Thinking about my morning's activities, I have to say I had fun doing both but I think I could more readily enjoy sitting down to watch the beardies eat as many roaches as they could chow down before I would choose to do the gardening. That's at least for today anyhow because I also really do enjoy working the dirt. I suppose that is the 9 year old kid in me. Doing both, one right after the other, was great.

All the best,
Glenn B

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