Thursday, August 16, 2012

The New Dogs In The The House...

Abby and Chloe
...are certainly not the big dogs in in the pack, they are indeed small puppies. As a matter of fact, once they reach full size, there still will be a good chance they will be the smallest dogs of the bunch. The black and white puppy is my wife's latest acquisition. I got to name her, to assure I would tolerate her. Her name is Abby (or Abby - Someone as in A-B Normal from Young Frankenstein). The brown and white one is Chloe, that is my daughter's and future son-in-law's new puppy.
Chloe goes exploring.

They are sisters and are both long haired Chihuahuas (we think they are long hairs, I suppose time will tell). Abby was a gift to my wife from our daughter's fiance. He knows whom to smooze or so it seems but he is taking chances on whom to oppose - as in me - who absolutely did not want a fifth element dog in the house to save the day or just make the days crazier than they were before its arrival. 

As things would have it, we get to watch Chloe  and Gizmo, the really hairy one in the pics, which is daughter's and future son-in-law's first dog. Man it was crazy enough around here with 4 dogs, now we have 5 and when the other two visit we have seventh heaven mayhem.  Oh yeah, before I forget, the big gorilla is Roxie, the black and white mutt is Mimi, the sleeping beauty is Pepe (named after Pepe le Pew) and the tan Chihuahua is Lucy.

Abby greets Roxie.
Oh well, they do sort of grow on you but I did make my wife swear she would not even consider getting another. The vet bills alone are going to have me cutting back on ammo purchases. The food bills have grown too, as you can imagine with the big one in the pic, about 65 pounds and growing.

In the meantime, regardless of vet bills, paying no or little attention to madness and mayhem doggy style and probably some pee and poop on the floors, there will be a lot of puppy love going on around here in the immediate future.

Lucy the fearful, barks at everything.
Pepe sleeps through it all.

Gizmo, looks more Spitz than Chihuahua.
Roxie the gorilla.
Mimi, leader of the pack.
Time for a nap.

All the best,
Glenn B

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