Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making Up For Spent Ammo

Wow, I am gunna guess and say that Brendan and I shot up about 1,500 rounds of ammo at the Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot this past weekend. That may not seem like an awful lot of ammo to some people but I think it was more than a mere shot in the dark. When you consider that Brendan probably shot at least 75% of it, probably 90% of the pistol ammo we shot, well you can figure that he got some shooting done!

My son and I attended the Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot (our first) and all I can say is I wish I had attended the first four of them also. It was a great day of shooting. I figure we went through about 300 rounds of 5.56x45mm, 350-400 rounds of 7.62x39mm, 450 rounds of 9mm, 200-300 rounds of .45 ACP, 100 rounds of .22 WMR, 150 rounds of .22 LR and lastly - about 10 rounds of .35 Remington. My son truly enjoyed shooting 4 of my pistols, the: Beretta 70S (.22 LR), Beretta 92SB, Beretta 92SF, and Remington R1-1911. He liked the 9mms and the .45 so much, that after shooting the Beretta 70S, (.22LR), he declined shooting my Ruger MKII and went back to the 9mms and .45 for the rest of the afternoon.  All that does not include the canon shot, since he also got to fire off a canon for which someone else was nice enough to supply powder. The figures above are my best guesstimation at this point, we may have shot as few as about 1,300 rounds or as many as about 1,700. To get an accurate count, I will have to tally what ammo I have left in the ammo cans that we took to the bloggershoot.

Shooting that ammo up does not badly deplete what I have stored away but it does lessen the amount by about 1,500 rounds and at least some of it should be replaced. I am in no great hurry to replace it, except maybe for the .45 ammo and the 9mm ammo. I already placed an order for 500 rounds of 9mm. I placed an order for 10 boxes (500 rounds) of Aguila 9mm, 124 gr., FMJ, ammo from Sportsmansguide. Even when sold by the box, they beat everyone else on price when I used a $10 off coupon code along with my club membership discount. It was a bargain $113.19 shipped.

Now that I think of it, I should have ordered .45 ACP before ordering 9mm as the need is more critical for that caliber. I'll probably order some .45 ACP next month. I think I will let my son save up some of his money for some 7.62x39mm and some 5.56x45mm. Then again, I recently bought some of both, anticipating the bloggershoot, and did not shoot as much as I bought so, we actually now have a little more than I had before I ordered those. No need for me to get any more right now.

Being that I just wrote a blog-post about keeping guns happy (aka: keeping them clean), I am going to have to get down to some serious gun scrubbing this evening or tomorrow. These are not my carry guns, the carry gun - my Glock 26 was cleaned as soon as I could get it done within reason (which wound up being the morning after we got home from the bloggershoot - no facilities to get it done safely at the shoot and time had run out for our stay). That late cleaning, along with the television show I mentioned here, were what got me to thinking I need to clean my guns, at least my carry gun, right after I shoot it and while still at the range whenever possible.

All the best,
Glenn B

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