Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yard and Lawn Work Sucks...

...sometimes, like today. I am still working on getting in a new front lawn. I was on my hands and knees for about 2 1/2 hours today, with a little garden hand shovel, digging up and pulling out roots. I only got about 1/2 of it done in that time. In a few minutes, I am going back out and will continue pulling out roots.

I don't think this is hurting any of the trees whose roots are being mauled by me. Last time I did this, it did not harm any of them despite the roots getting torn out; although, I think I heard a few subtle screams as I did it (can screams be subtle -sure they can if they are coming from trees). I may have heard one or two of those subtle screams today and some other moans and groans too. I am pretty sure the Evergreen let out a moan and a groan. The Linden Tree had maybe a scream or two escape it and the Japanese Maple was pretty quiet, they endure pain well.

My knees and back are aching a bit, so no more crawling around on my hands and knees with that tiny shovel, to loosen the soil and roots. I am going to use the pitchfork instead. Of course, I will have to get down on my knees to pull out the roots once I get em  loosened up a bit with the pitchfork but it will be easier and go faster with the pitchfork - just maybe not as good a job. Whatever, it will be good enough for me and hopefully for the new grass. I hope to get it seeded this evening, otherwise during the week. We will see.

Just in case anyone was wondering, I went to Home Depot yesterday to rent a roto-tiller. Even the smallest one they had would not fit in the trunk of my Corolla. Thus, I have been doing it by hand. If I had rented one of them, the job would have been completed and the lawn seeded, all within an hour. Oh well, I need the exercise. 

All the best,


dragonmouse said...

Having been doing my share of yard type work recently I feel your pain. Having said that, I saved like a madman for a few weeks and 2 years ago purchased the little two cycle mantis tiller/cultivator. Getting up in age I thought maybe this would be easier for me than a real rototiller and I have been truly amazed. They ARE pricy, bout 400ish but I now use it not only for tilling gardens,flowerbeds,compost, etc but I am having to dig by hand several trenches related to water issues here and I use it to till a strip, shovel it out till same strip again shovel some more. It's slower than a ditchwitch but the thing is light enough, easy enough to handle that my wife can handle the tilling chores.
They work opposite of the reg tiller in that you pull it backwards. If you can run a vacum cleaner you can do this. Going on three years without a hitch but if it should give up the ghost a couple of months paychecks gets the priority to replace it. Has been seriously valuable to this old man! YMMV

Glenn B said...

I really only have a posage stamp sized lawn, I cannot imagine actually buying a roto-tiller type machine although, if and when I do the backyard, I will rent one.

All the best,