Monday, May 21, 2012

Job Qualifications - The Reality of My Suitability For Employment...

...or lack of it, is finally sinking through my thick skull. Apparently, after 32 years plus, of an impeccable federal law enforcement career, I am not even qualified for jobs such as: a maintenance laborer, cleaner, front door security guard at a department store. I applied for those somewhat menial jobs, jobs I would have been willing to accept nonetheless, with high hopes. Lest you think that maybe they considered me overqualified, I also applied for other jobs from the bottom of the heap up to the apex of upper management. Some of the better jobs for which I have applied are District Manager of Investigations for a large department store chain and a few Director of Security positions for a few private firms. Some of the mid-level jobs for which I have applied were: security manager for a college dormitory authority, several investigator positions, of all types, with state and local agencies and with private companies, executive chauffeur, anti-money laundering business analyst and on and on. All were without even one indication that anyone was seriously interested in my qualifications. Thus, I must conclude that, my qualifications mean squat and thus I am not qualified for any of the jobs for which I have applied (about 63 jobs since early March). That is rather frustrating after, as I said, an impeccable career in federal law enforcement. A career mind you, in which I truly always remembered I was a servant of the people and it was not the other way around and one in which I did my best to protect our nation and our citizenry often at considerable risk to myself. Yes, frustrating indeed.

Still though, I am continuing my job search. Today, I searched through about two thousand job listings on three job sites. I was able to pull out 3 jobs for which I would have thought that I was qualified and I applied for them. I also searched a few websites of companies I thought might be hiring and applied directly to one of them for a job they were offering. That was for the job of House Dick (security agent is what they call it nowadays) at an upscale hotel. Who knows - maybe I'll get it; I used to work there in that same job, right before I went into my federal career. If not, then I will keep on looking and will keep on banging out applications and sending out my résumé (which is now down to 3 pages). It may be disheartening to keep getting turned down but I will not give up that easily. I need a job so I can pay my taxes to help pay back all the money the government has wasted on those who just will not work. Besides that, I can use something to supplement my retirement annuity but even more so, I just want to work. Maybe that makes me some kind of a weirdo but that is it in a nutshell, I want to work - it is an ethical thing.

Anyone out there have a job for me in the greater NYC area?

All the best,
Glenn B

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