Monday, August 1, 2011

The Storm A Couple of Villages Over, Bigger Hail Was Falling - On Our Car

Speaking of hail (in my prior post), when my wife got home, she showed me our Toyota Corolla. She had it parked in an outside parking lot during the hail storm while in nearby New Hyde Park. She was inside watching the storm while pea to snowball sized hailstones bombarded that area. Yes, some hit our car. There are now many small dents all over the car, one large one the size of a baseball, the rear windshield was totally smashed, front windshield badly cracked, car interior covered with glass and soaking wet (including rear speakers). Luckily the car was parked and she was inside when this happened and Linda is okay just shaken up from the drive home with the car in such shape and while it was still raining somewhat. 

I have already made an insurance claim online. Hopefully they will respond quickly and get us a rental car until ours is repaired.  I wonder if I have that rental car coverage, I hope so. Well, I know the damage is covered.

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Humble wife said...

Holy Smokes! I am glad to hear she is ok~~

Wow, what a storm. I would have been a wreck having the rear windshield crack...

I am so glad she is ok.