Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey Hornady - The Only Thing Worse Than Instructions Printed In China...

...when it comes to trying to assemble something that requires some assembly, is not receiving any instructions at all. So when I eagerly opened my brand new Hornady Classic Reloading Kit today, that I received on Wednesday or Thursday and my wife took until Friday to tell me it had arrived, I was pretty disappointed. I had thought for sure that I would set it all up to see, first of all, if all the parts were there, and secondly to see if it looked like it was working. No luck either way.

There is a manual enclosed with it that apparently tells you how to reload with it but not an instruction manual on set-up. I do not mean the Hornady Reloading Manual, with all the specifications for different cartridges, powder weights and such but a skimpy little pamphlet that tells you the basic steps of reloading with the kit. Of course the Reloading manual is in there too, the big hardcover manual but no set-up instructions. The thing is, there are at least 7 or eight parts in the box and for some of them I have absolutely no idea how to attach them to the main press nor do I know the purpose of one or two of them. That sucks. I do not want to take a chance of getting it together wrong, then finding out at the range when a bullet I reloaded explodes in my face as that would suck even more.

Come Monday, I will call both MidwayUSA and Hornady to see who will be more helpful to me in getting it set up. I have already heard disappointing stories about Hornady customer service, but I am hopeful they at least will know how to set it up or will have available a set-up reference chart or instruction manual to send to me. I will make it a point, to point out to them, that I would rather have had an instruction sheet printed in China and maybe even in Chinese than none at all!

All the best,
Glenn B

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Anonymous said...

I have only had one experience with Hornady's customer service. If I had to give it a letter grade it would be an A+.

There are helpful youtube videos on set-up and operation of the press.

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