Sunday, February 28, 2010

Internet Disappointments

I joined Facebook probably within the last 4 months or so, maybe a bit longer ago. To date, I have received several emails from Facebook members that contained links to viruses. I know that the people from whose account came those emails did not send them to me with a virus attached. Some malevolent son of a bitch dog was up to no good and somehow managed to engineer a virus and send it out from other people's Facebook accounts to those listed as friends in those accounts. I have had enough. I deleted my Facebook account tonight. According to the window that popped up, my account has been deleted temporarily for 14 days and if I do not sign on within 14 days it will then become permanent.

I will stick to blogging - that is if Google does not cancel my account. It appears this is another thing going on in the virtual world of the Internet. A fellow blogger recently had a few of his blogs and his Google email shut down by Google. I have heard of this before and it usually seems to apply to conservative bloggers for the great majority from what I understand. I am not talking about extremist conservatives either. I mean regular run of the mill conservatives although my information of this is pretty much limited to those among them who write a lot about guns, politics, terrorism, the current administration and hopes for a conservative replacement and related topics. If it is true that this group is being targeted then I imagine my blog is not long for this site. I do not believe I have ever violated the terms of service of Google or Blogger but then again I would not have thought that the other guys did either.

Hopefully I will continue to blog here but if for some reason my account is deleted I will start blogging from a purchased web domain/website or whatever you call it.

All the best,
Glenn B


GreyBeard said...

Interesting information. I've long tried to use a little of the google services as possible, because I pretty much knew they operated like that. If anyone decideds to file a class action lawsuit against them, I'd be happy to sign on.


Glenn B said...

I do not think there are any grounds for any type of a lawsuit against them. Using their site to post blogs, or using their search engines, or their email system are all things subject to their terms of service or inother words to their whim. So long as they can show that someone violated those terms, no matter how inoffesnively or even if unknowingly or not intentionally violated, they will win. I am almost willing to bet there is a clause saying they can cut their services for any reason.

Anyway, it is a free service so there is probably not much for which anyone could sue since no one is really losing anything except them not giving it to you for free any longer. Since it is theirs to give or not they are probably well within their rights.

Of course, if they caused someone some harm in some manner, such as a civil rights violation, or if they defamed someone, there may be grounds for a suit.

I just figure if I get cut off, I will go elsewhere. Of course, I would be pretty shocked if it actually happened because as far as I can tell I have never violated their TOS. Then again I wonder if the others violated them or not.

All the best,